January Reverses 2022 Trends

January saw a massive reversion of the previous years’ ESG reversion. Everything that got killed in 2022 like tech, ESG strategies, and the SPX screamed higher. 2022’s outperformers like ESG Orphans and energy and value lagged. Stay the course, ESG Orphans will work on longer time horizons.

September 2022 Recap: ESG Orphans Thrown Out With The Bathwater

It was a September to remember in the markets. The ESG Orphans Index fell 9% in September. No place was safe to hide. Even what we consider “safer” areas of the markets, lower beta, value names, dividend paying sectors, were not safe. It reminded us of the old adage, “When they raid the house of […]

ESG Orphans August Recap

August gross returns$ORFN -0.01%SPY -4.08%QQQ -5.13%IWM-2.00%ESGU -4.03%ESGV -4.33%NULV -3.02%IWS -3.13% The August recap: Energy had a resurgence. Utilities did ok. Industrials weighed on the ESG Orphans. Alcohol was heavy with DEO -7.84% and BUD -9.68% (combined ESG Orphans weight 7.23%) dragging the Index down. Those two accounted for approximately -62bps to the ESG Orphans in […]