Forbes: DOL’s New ESG Rule ‘Unremarkable’

Mark Neuman, CIO and founder of Constrained Capital, speaks with Chris Carosa at Forbes about the Department of Labor’s new ESG rule, which permits fiduciaries to consider ESG when investing. “The explosion in ESG assets has herded investors all into the same stocks. These are too crowded; they all move together and, in this case, have moved down. Too many investors don’t know what they own while believing they own ‘ESG,’” says Neuman.

Truth in ESG: The Story of the ESG Orphans

The 3rd installment in the Truth in ESG series is here and it features The Story of the ESG Orphans”. Mark Neuman, CIO and founder of Constrained Capital, talks about a few of the past episodes highlighting interviews with NYU’s “Dean of Valuation” and ESG skeptic, Aswath Damodaran, as well as with renowned energy expert […]

Truth in ESG: Why ESG is a Concept of Emptiness

I sat down with NYU Professor Aswath Damodaran, the “Dean of Valuation” to discuss ESG. The Professor was an early ESG skeptic. His research validated the work done by Constrained Capital and reaffirmed the opportunity for ESG Orphans and $ORFN. Damodaran highlighted the ruse that is ESG and the false promises and misguided objectives along […]

Should The SEC Ban ESG Funds?

Mark Neuman, CIO and founder of Constrained Capital, talks with Chris Carosa of Forbes on the impact ESG funds have in the overall landscape of their respective industries. Neuman highlights sustainability ESGs stating, “70-80% of ESG funds hold Amazon, which has the top global carbon footprint and is the #3 holding at ESGUU +1.8% and […]

Truth in ESG Investing: The Energy Crisis Created by the ESG Movement

Energy expert Dr. Anas Alhajji and I discuss energy, ESG, and the future of fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Click to see the video where Dr. Alhajji discusses: This fascinating discussion with Dr. Alhajji focuses on fossil fuel and nuclear energy through the ESG lens. Catch the point (5:45 in) where he says, “There is […]

ESG In The News, Recent Articles, Links

News Stories Around ESG Orphans, ESG in General ESG Orphans’ Mark Neuman on TWTR Space’ sum: Mark on TWTR space, talking, “Truth in ESG.” Theme, research behind $ORFN. 5600 listeners tuned in. Hosted by George Noble. ESG Pushback, Confusion’ sum: ESG outflows net, volume in ESG in tech, confused ratings agencies, and a general lack […]