Cinthia Murphy of ETF Think Tank reports on the recent launch of Constrained Capital’s ESG Orphans ETF. In addition to highlighting the basics of this anti-ESG ETF, Murphy goes on to discuss the benefits that similar “anti ETFs” have in comparison to traditional ones.

“$ORFN highlighted as an ‘anti-ESG’ ETF. And it is that! It isolates the ESG factor. It contains all the exclusions of the ESG investment theme that caused capital constraints and led to misallocation of funds and malinvestment. Now everyone is crowded into the ESG stocks, and all own the same stuff. That’s why the herd stampede is dragging all the others down while $ORFN outperforms. Nobody owns the Orphans. They are high expected return securities. See Orphans Index vs. ESG Index YTD: ESG Orphans Index +4% vs. MSCI USA ESG Focus Index -25%.”