Constraints on capital yield investment opportunities with a contrarian, against-the consensus view.

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Constrained Capital

Capital constraints are social, political, and regulatory influences that cause misallocation of capital and malinvestment. Sectors/securities under capital constraints provide higher expected returns over time. The higher cost of capital in these excluded sectors, should generate better risk-adjusted returns over longer horizons.

Constrained Capital was founded to help investors find smart, contrarian themes to opportunistically capitalize on greater expected return scenarios.

These are part of our differentiated strategies for investors who think critically.

Our Strategy

ESG Orphans Index

Over the past decade the greatest capital constraints in markets are due to ESG investing. This incongruous investing theme systematically excluded the following 6 sectors: Fossil fuel, nuclear energy, weapons/munitions, tobacco, alcohol, and gaming. The ESG Orphans Index is 25% Fossil Fuels, 25% Nuclear Energy, 21% Weapons/Munitions, 12.5% Alcohol, 12.5% Tobacco, and 4% Gaming. These are high-expected return securities due to ESG capital constraints imposed on them. As a result, they can provide greater risk-adjusted returns over time.

Who are the ESG Orphans

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